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KOMBI car challenge coins as souvenirs order is running today!

Allow us to instroduce the production steps to produce this car challenge coins steply by steply.

Firstly we’ve managed to make sure customer has checked on all details on 2D artwork no matter Pantone colors or metal parts to ensure no misunderstanding.

A custom KOMBI Car Challenge C1
A custom KOMBI Car Challenge C2
A custom KOMBI Car Challenge C3

This is a die cast zinc alloy soft eaneml challenge coin in antique nickel finishing and applied with 8 abundant soft enamel colors on front and 2 soft enamel colors on back,the color is very rich such as green 355c and yellow c which is a fresh combination.

With antique nickel finishing,it’s durable finishing for a challenge coin if you would like to hold it at hand or exchange it between one another.

The text around the edge is black enamel filled which could make the text easier to read.

Also on this challenge coin,you can see good comparison between a 2D car on the front side of the soft enamel challenge coins or 3D car on the backside of the antique nickel challenge coins.

As you can see,2D eanmel is with colors filled which could achieve colorful design. 3D car is metal without colors however could show you more details of the car shape in vivid way.

This is also a best tips for you to design a team challenge coin or a souvenior challenge coin or a military challenge coin or a police challenge coin or an event challenge coin or an occasional challenge coins etc. for your self.

A custom KOMBI Car Challenge C4

Finally below is the display show of the finished products die cast soft enamel challenge coins,how it looks like on front and back. See the very smooth background metal,it proves highly polished and very good take care on quality by our production line. We are challenge coins manufacturer who only produces high quality personalized challenge coins

A custom KOMBI Car Challenge C5
A custom KOMBI Car Challenge C6

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A custom KOMBI Car Challenge C7

Post time: Jun-06-2022